No minimum balance is required in your share draft (checking) account and there are no monthly fees. A minimum balance of $100 is required to earn interest. Checks are available with this account. 

Need checks? Contact the Credit Union to place an order.


Our Visa Debit Card is attached to our share draft account, and is really two cards in one.

  • Use the card to pay for goods and services wherever the Visa Debit card is accepted at stores (please remember to select the credit button and sign the receipt), online, or over the phone. You may also request “cash back” during your store purchase to avoid possible ATM surcharge fees (this requires a debit transaction and use of your PIN).The amount of each purchase is automatically debited from your share draft account.

      Limit Per Day for Purchases: $1,000

  • Use the card for cash withdrawals at ATMs; we are affiliated with the CULIANCE Network which does not surcharge credit union members. You may look up surcharge-free locations by clicking on the link below. If you use another network you may be surcharged for your withdrawal.

      Limit Per Day for ATM Cash Withdrawals: $300

CardValet piggy bank with sunglasses

Protect and manage your VISA debit card!

We all know that debit cards are convenient to use, but also risk is involved in having one.

Safeguard your information with CardValet, a mobile app that lets you control your card activity.

Debit Card Contact Information:

Is your card lost or stolen?

  • Call the Credit Union (245-5706) during business hours.

  • If we are closed, please call 1-833-221-8733.

  • Do you need to initiate a dispute for fraud or non-fraud transactions?  Call 833-221-8734

Do you need to activate your card or change your PIN?

  • Call 1-800-992-3808